Guidelines and Responsibilities

Responsibilities and guidelines for launching a crowdfunding campaign

Planning a crowdfunding campaign is no simple task.  Before you submit your application, read through these responsibilities and guidelines so your project is positioned for success

Who can submit applications?

UIC faculty, students, and staff are able to apply for the opportunity to raise money for a UIC purpose through this crowdfunding platform. The platform allows individuals, units, or departments at UIC to:

  • Promote, market, and share the results of their fundraising campaigns,
  • Attract new audiences and additional funding, and
  • Validate and demonstrate the impact of projects.


The Crowdfunding Liaison is the individual who is responsible for launching the specific campaign and promoting the cause. The Liaison directs other members of their team who act as Crowdfunding Project Team Members. Liaisons and Crowdfunding Project Team Members commit to these responsibilities:

  • Clearly define the project’s timeline and goal.
  • Utilize social media outlets to interested parties to promote specific crowdfunding opportunities.
  • Build a webpage on the UIC crowdfunding platform including: Photos that represent their group or project, create a video to support the need (video not required, but encouraged).
  • Develop thank-you process.
  • Prepare and send personal thank you messages to donors.
  • Post social media updates through the duration of the campaign. Use of existing social media groups of the same interest that are managed by the group is recommended.
  • Submit updates on how funds will be used (for example, notifying donors through the crowdfunding platform that the group reached their goal and will be purchasing new equipment this month).


  • Each project will be hosted on the crowdfunding platform for a predetermined amount of time, generally no more than 4-6 weeks, though rare exceptions may apply.
  • Projects should have specific goals and be driven by the need for tangible outcomes.
  • In the event that full funding is necessary to achieve the project goal (for example, the purchase of a piece of equipment), the Dean of the College or Unit must approve the project and goal during the application process and commit to providing the remainder of funds needed if the project goal is not met. However, if the funds raised do not meet the fundraising  goal of a project but can still be used to offset costs of the project without requiring additional funding from the college (i.e. student travel expenses for college-related trip), the project will receive the funds raised to be used as described in their application. Funds raised through crowdfunding should be used within the fiscal year the project closes and no money should be held-over for other uses or to accumulate additional funds.
  • The same group/project may not fundraise in successive time periods; however, it may be considered again at a future date.
  • UIC Advancement reserves the right to decline any project that is not in alignment with UIC funding priorities.
  • UIC Crowdfunding Liaisons and Crowdfunding Project Team Members are strictly prohibited from keeping any portion of the funds raised as a profit or compensation.
  • UIC email lists may not be used. Noncompliance will result in the crowdfunding project’s removal.
  • All donated funds through crowdfunding projects are the property of the University. If the faculty, staff, or student leaves the University, the funds remain a property of the University.
  • Any project must support UIC programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be redirected to a third-party, external organizations such as the ALS Foundation, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, etc.
  • Tangible items of fulfillment (material items that are delivered in exchange for a gift) are not to be offered by crowdfunding projects. UIC will not support a fulfillment process through crowdfunding and will not process donations that reduce the full tax-deductible value of the donation.
  • Use of crowdfunding to raise funds at UIC and accompanying campus crowdfunding procedures is subject to all University of Illinois and University of Illinois Foundation (UIF)  rules, policies, compliance regulations and state and federal law.
  • If the project involves research, the research proposal and the associated crowdfunding activities must also comply with all laws, rules, regulations and policies that apply to research, and all UIC and UIF policies.
  • UIC’s name, branding and/or logo may not be used without prior written approval by the appropriate approving official as set forth in accompanying campus crowdfunding procedures.
  • The UIC Advancement Leadership Team has the right to edit, or require edits to, the proposed projects at any point in the campaign.