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Who can start a crowdfunding campaign at UIC?

Any student, faculty or staff member at UIC may submit an application to start a campaign. The Leadership Team of the UIC Office of the Vice Chancellor for Advancement will review the applications and decide which campaigns will be executed and the timing assigned for each campaign. Each project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • whether it meets individual project requirements, including having a designated UIC Crowdfunding Liaison and a Crowdfunding Project Team,
  • completeness of the application,
  • alignment with UIC funding priorities,
  • percentage of the target audience who are young alumni or non-donors,
  • anticipated appeal for the planned target audience,
  • quality of the planned marketing campaign, and
  • overall viability.

A project may be approved for the launch, delayed for possible revisions, or declined for reasons that will be provided to the applicant.  One possible reason for a decline is the number of applications received.  Crowdfunding works best when it is limited in the number of campaigns on the site at one time.

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How do I contribute to a campaign?

Once you identify the campaign(s) you wish to support, click the “Make a Gift” button, and complete the online contribution form, which will charge your credit card in the amount you enter. Your gift will be receipted by the University of Illinois Foundation.

Can I share that I contributed to a project through my social media accounts?

Yes, please do!  You can share the campaign directly using the “Share This Campaign” feature at the top of the campaign page.  There is also a button on the UIC Crowdfunding site thank you page that you will see after a contribution is given that will allow donors to share their contribution with their own social networks.

What is the minimum and maximum gift I can make?

The minimum amount you may give to a single project is $5, but there is no upper limit to what you may give. However, if you wish to give more than $5,000 please contact our Engagement and Participation Team by phone at 312-413-8876 or email at

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately upon making the gift.

How is my contact information used?

Your contact information is required to process your credit card payment.  Crowdfunding Project Managers will receive your name and email address so they may send you a thank you message for your gift. In addition, UIC may use your contact information to provide updates on the campaigns to which you have contributed.

Are contributions returned if a campaign does not reach its fundraising goal?

No, all funds are applied to the stated fundraising purpose. If a campaign does not reach its’ goal, the College or Unit benefitting from the campaign will commit to providing the remainder of the funds needed to complete the project.

Is my contribution publicly displayed?

Only if you say so. By default your name is publicly displayed on the pages of campaigns which you have supported. However, you may indicate that you do not want your name to appear by selecting that option at the time of your gift.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

All gifts made on UIC’s Crowdfunding site are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt from the University of Illinois Foundation (UIF).

How do I know if the project reaches its goal?

All progress can be monitored through the specific campaign page on the UIC Crowdfunding page. Additionally, Crowdfunding Project Managers may provide regular progress reports to donors throughout the campaign and upon completion.